Brazilian exports results are highlighted in the Italian press


Leather Insiders

After the new export record, Fernando Bello, President of the CICB, comments on the results. “We need to focus on sustainability, rewarding the tanneries that give example of respect in terms of environmental, economic and social issues. We must also begin to produce less wet blue because, despite the fact that we have the biggest livestock in the world and that we are in second position for the production of raw materials, we are only third in monetary terms. We must therefore add value. Italy is the model that we would like to follow”.

By  Leather Insiders , published:  19th June, 2013

May records

Brazilian exports, a new record in May: thanks to the total amount of 229.3 million USD, an increase by 16,8% has been registered on the same month last year, whose value was 196.3 million USD, and by 5% on April this year, whose value was 218.4 million USD. The main destinations between January and May were China/HK, Italy and the United States. The most striking figure is the one regarding the exports of wet blue that, for the period January/May, increased by 50,2% between 2012 and 2013 and even by 78% between 2011 and 2013, with figures of 4.337.949 million of hides in 2011, 5.142.822 million in 2012 and 7.722.537 million in 2013 respectively.

By  Leather Insiders , published:   17th June, 2013