Nature and Industry in perfect harmony


In Design na Pele’s third edition, Marta Manente promoted a meeting of industry and nature. She creates weaves and braids of leather that give the design furniture developed in partnership with BRV Furniture and Krumenauer Tannery a bold, artisanal aspect.

“We look for projects that surprise with their daring renovation of techniques and applications of leather in furniture making”, says Marta.

The varying pieces range from the poetic Revoar swing, made of multi-laminated wood dressed in leather, to angular shelves and a center table, inspired in geometric shapes and textures found in nature. The industrial esthetic is incorporated using tubular structures and pine wood paneling, with details in natural leather that were hand-braided one by one. 

The synchronicity with nature was there from the very conception of the pieces. Marta opted to work with smooth leather (naturally cured with vegetable extract), which is especially environmentally friendly. In addition to giving products a robust look, it takes on even more personality over time.

“Vegetable-cured leather, especially that of Krumenauer Tannery with its 105 years of history, has durability, a natural look and feel, and characteristic natural aging. The product’s aging over time (and in different environments) makes each piece unique and beautiful”, highlights Joel Krumenauer from Krumenauer Tannery.