Project Design na Pele reveals its first partnership: BRV Móveis, Studio Marta Manente and Cortume Krumenauer


Leather and creativity are the resources that drive project Design na Pele, one of the world’s most celebrated initiatives to connect fashion, art, and the tanning sector. This year, Design na Pele gets to its third edition, once again bringing industries and designers together in order to create articles that have leather as the core raw material. One of these partnerships is between Cortume Krumenauer and BRV Móveis and Studio Marta Manente, both from the city of Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul. Design na Pele is promoted by Brazilian Leather - project dedicated to the promotion of leather exports and coordinated by the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency). This year DNP also has the support from the Brazilian Shoe Manufacturers Association (Abicalçados) and the Furniture Industry Association of Bento Gonçalves (Sindmóveis).

For Design na Pele’s third edition, Studio Marta Manente will be working next to BRV Móveis on the creation of office and home furniture made from an exclusive collection of hides produced by Cortume Krumenauer. The design studio is part of Projeto Raiz, focused on the international promotion of Brazilian design and coordinated by Apex-Brasil and Sindmóveis Bento Gonçalves. “We are very confident about it. Our goal is to create products for a very demanding consumer, but at the same time eager for novelties and trends”, says Rodrigo Benini, exports manager at BRV Móveis. Designer Marta Manente shares Rodrigo’s opinion, highlighting the boldness and creativity that guide the work at Design na Pele. According to Marta, her partnership with BRV Móveis is focused on renewing traditional techniques and leather applications on furniture, so to praise the Brazilian article in the international market.

Costume Krumenauer was already part of Design na Pele’s previous edition. Its articles were exhibited in Italy, China, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. The company is internationally recognized for its sustainable processes and the quality of its hides, therefore converging with the values that drive DNP.

Besides BRV Móveis, Studio Marta Manente and Krumenauer there are other partnerships underway at Design na Pele 3rd edition. The project’s schedule foresees the release of the first articles during the first semester of 2017.

About Brazilian Leather - Dedicated to promote Brazilian leather in the international market, the project is coordinated by the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). The consolidation of local leather in foreign markets is strengthened by a series of strategic actions, such as the incentive to the participation of tanneries in the world’s major trade fairs and Business Missions focused on tightening relations between Brazilian suppliers and international buyers. For more information, please visit