A meeting of colors and textures


"I've been working with leather for more than 30 years, when there were practically only two color options in tanneries: black and brown," says designer Patricia Vieira.

Times have changed, as is made clear by her signature collection for Guilhermina Shoes in the third edition of the project Design na Pele.

Patricia and company have developed the color chart working directly with Couros Bom Retiro. The result shows that the leather and footwear sectors occupy a new level of sophistication and technological development. In addition to being multicolored, the shoes stand out for their effects and textures in leather, such as lace, embroidery and mosaic.

According to Cassia Harth, of Couros Bom Retiro, this is a differential in using leather.

"The Nappa used in the partnership with Guilhermina and Patricia Viera is a very versatile leather with diverse applications ranging from laser to embroidery and manual application, providing a whole diversity of possibilities", she explains.