Brazilian Leather will soon be in Paris for Première Vision


Première Vision will soon gather in Paris a collection of the most refined hides and skins for the premium fashion segment. The event takes place between September 19th and 21st, having the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) and five Brazilian companies showcasing their articles with support from Brazilian Leather, project coordinated by CICB in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) for the promotion of leather exports. 

Première Vision is recognized for balancing exhibitors and visitors in a very efficient and way: to present materials at the fair, all exhibitors need to be approved by a curator, while the public consists only of those dedicated to the development of fashion collections in premium and luxury segments. "Brazil has a tradition at Première Vision, with loyal visitors. This year, with the presentation of Design na Pele and the Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (CSCB), we must create a very positive synergy for our tanneries" emphasizes Letícia Luft, Brazilian Leather manager. 

Design na Pele will be presented in the form of a special exhibition at the entrance of Hall 3, highlighting for the first time the footwear and furniture collections developed in this edition of the project. The central idea of Design na Pele is to use leather as a unifying element in the design and production of pieces that are true objects of desire.

In Brazilian Leather's institutional space at the fair, material from the Brazilian Leather Sustainability Certification (CSBC) will be available and meetings related to the program will be held. The idea is to present to European buyers and managers the differentials of CSCB, which have promoted improvement in Brazil’s leather industry and products. An exhibition of the hides from Leather Preview will also be present at the booth (these are leathers created in anticipation of trends and was presented first hand in São Paulo in the last edition of Inspiramais). 

Brazilian tanneries to participate in Première Vision with the support of Brazilian Leather include:

Best Brasil / OCM Couros (stand 3D2): a tannery specialized in producing leathers with high definition prints and high quality finishes. The company has a special line of decorative leathers with a wide variety of aesthetics such as devoré, animal print, and solid colors.

Curtume Rusan (3D4): located in the southern Brazil, their main product is chamois. Rusan produces leathers with diverse prints (such as geometric aesthetics, tweed, and metallic effects), options in different textures and various colors, and all without losing the soft touch and comfort that are characteristic of their leathers. The tannery is part of the Design na Pele project, which will be presented at Première Vision.

Baby Leather (3D6): specialist in small hides such as goats, calves, and sheep, Baby Leather is renowned for the quality of its classic leathers but also for its innovative creations. The company uses cutting-edge technology to produce skins with laser cutting, glitter effects, and embroidery.

Nova Kaeru (3C1): one of the most exclusive products made by Nova Kaeru is Pirarucu leather (an Amazonian fish). A wide variety of this leather will be on Première Vision. The company's portfolio also includes salmon and ostrich skin leather in various colors and finishes. They are part of the Design na Pele project, which will be presented at Première Vision.

Dowidi (3C3): for over 20 years they’ve been offering leathers of impeccable quality.  Dowidi specializes in suede and nobuck. Commitment to excellence and agility in all its processes is one of the company's trademarks, along with technical support and personal attention.