CICB Sustainability Forum: check the highlights and watch the videos


There were more than 400 people face to face recently in Novo Hamburgo (RS), for a high-level debates about the paths on one of the most relevant guidelines for the leather sector: the traceability. The CICB Sustainability Forum, which took place on March 8, during the Fimec fair, brought together professionals from the entire leather chain to talk about the tools, movements and solutions already available for controlling raw materials, inputs and processes in the industry.


Gold Sponsorship: Niceplanet, GER, Feltre, IDH and Abrameq with Master, NBN and Bremm Peck. Silver Sponsors: Units Brasil, Midori Auto Leather, Sincurt and Viposa.

Organizer: Brazilian Leather project, an initiative of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil).

Check some highlights of each lecture and watch the videos:

Sectorial Overview of the Leather Industry

With: Ricardo Andrade, CICB sustainability and institutional relations advisor
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“In 30 years, we've had a very significant reduction in the pasture area to raise the animals, and, at the same time, the production has grown three times more. Every day, Brazil needs less area to produce more meat.”


Geotechnology in the Production Chain – from Livestock to the Final Product

With: Jordan Timo Carvalho, managing partner of Niceplanet – Advisory Compliance
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“Any protocol, from any country in the world, is inserted into the digital platform. Artificial intelligence is taught what is possible for automation. From then on, the farms are registered within the tool, and it is possible to search the origin of the raw material, with an immediate response.”


Laser Traceability in Leather Processing

With: Domenico Feltre, Feltre director
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“The laser marking system does not pierce the skin and remains visible after each work process. It consists of engraving the surface with a unique code that can be easily identified and tracked throughout the production chain.”

The Power of Data in the Automation of the Leather Sector

With: Cesare Dal Monte, general manager of GER
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“The system works with sensors, which are instruments that read the physical characteristics of the leather and translate them into numbers. Then, all the data is recorded on a computer server and then analyzed by software”.


Sustainable Calve Production Protocol and the Relationship of Leather Traceability with Sustainability
With: Mathias Almeida, CEO of Natcap
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“The Sustainable Calf Production program is sponsored by IDH, with Carrefour Brasil and by the Carrefour Foundation. (...) Solutions that the program brings: pasture management, genetic improvement, animal management, environmental and land adequacy and financial management”.