Hides exports reaches a surplus of US$ 1,180 bi from January to June 2013


The performance of the Brazilian leather sector during the first six months of 2013 resulted in a surplus of US$ 1.180.611.592. The numbers indicate that the Brazilian leather exports was determinant to prevent a more negative result in the national trade balance from January to June this year (US$ 3 bi deficit).

Considering only June 2013, sales to the external market reached US$ 197.891 million, a high of 9.4% in relation to the same period last year, according to presented data by the Foreign Trade Secretariat  (Secex), with analysis of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industries (CICB).

Considering the current scenario, the president executive of the CICB, José Fernando Bello, evaluates that along the coming months the leather industry has to act with caution. According to him, it has to be considered, the continuing problems in the global economic sphere, such as the issues faced by the euro zone, and the growing concern with the slowdown of the Chinese economy, among other difficulties for the expansion of international trade.

The main destination of Brazilian hides between January to June 2013 were: China / Hong Kong with 35.0 %, Italy with 23.1 %, and the United States with 10.1% (monetary participation).

A matter relating to the Brazilian exclusion in the European Union Generalised Scheme of Preferences (SGP) planned to January of next year is also a concern. "This implies in the increase of rates on Brazilian exports of hides to Europe in the order of 3,5 %, consequently risking the leather exports to the EU", Bello adds. Currently about 35% of Brazilian hide exports are destined to the European continent. The executive emphasises that CICB is articulating bilateral agreements to lessen this issue.