Jader Almeida, from the traditional to the exotic


When you look at the Mia chair sketch, which Jader Almeida designed and Sollos produced for Design na Pele´s third edition, you can hardly imagine that the upholstery is all done in pirarucu leather.

According to Paulo Amaury from the Nova Kaeru tannery, besides being exotic and sustainable, pirarucu leather lends sophistication and durability to products.

"The philosophy of pirarucu leather translates into luxury products that are beautiful and long lasting, without being harmful the environment," says Amaury.

In addition to the chair with leather from the giant Amazonian fish, Nova Kaeru tannery's best seller, he also used matte leather in the Norma chair and navy blue leather in the Mad chair.

Jader Almeida praised the partnership offered by the third edition of the Design na Pele project.

"Suppliers, designers, and the industry in general all benefit from partnerships such as those proposed by Design na Pele. From research to development, everyone wins," he praises.