Sustainability and innovation: Fuga Couros is the first company to be certified by the CSCB


A new historical milestone was reached in the leather sector of Brazil. Fuga Couros from Marau (RS) was recognized with the Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (CSCB), Silver level. It’s Brazil’s first tannery to complete all the stages of the CSCB’s program and to be audited in accordance with ABNT standard NBR 16.296, through a body accredited by INMETRO. The CSCB is the first program to establish the Brazilian leather sector’s commitment to best practices in the tripod of the environment, society, and the economy.

The recognition ceremony was held at the company's headquarters with the participation of the Fuga family, the local press, and representatives of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB). CICB Executive President José Fernando Bello highlighted the historical significance of the moment, since certification is a long-term project and is on the agenda of the entire industry and both national and international clients. "Brazil needed its own certification. We export to more than 80 countries, we have the technology, and we are highly internationalized. The CSCB was built in a very strong way, robust in criteria and will gain even more visibility and promotion among Brazilian leather stakeholders" said Bello. He also called attention to the pioneering spirit of Fuga Couros, which, in addition to being the first company to be certified was also the first to join the certification program.

Fuga Couros highlighted learning, process improvement, and a systemic business vision as positive points on their path that culminated with earning the Silver level CSCB. "It was a victory we conquered together. We integrate our work with a deeper concept of sustainability, which dialogues with treating the cause and not the problem,” said Eduardo Fuga, together with Patrícia Fuga Bebber, Iedo Claudino Fuga, Constante Caetano Fuga and Iedo Fuga Jr.

The CSCB also establishes a commitment from the Fuga Couros for continuous improvement- a schedule of audits, evaluations, and recertification for the next three years has been put in place. At present, 18 tanneries from Brazil are in the process of preparing for an audit to verify attendance to the norm ABNT NBR 16296 - Leathers - Principles, criteria, and indicators for sustainable production. 

What is the CSCB?

The Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (CSCB) was built by the chain that integrates the country's leather industry and is supported by the Brazilian Leather Project - an initiative of the CICB and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), to encourage Brazilian leather participation in foreign markets. The CSCB promotes and recognizes the best tannery practices regarding economic results, reduction of environmental impact, and relationships with employees and surrounding communities. Included in the CSCB there are 173 indicators companies must work on, such as: 

- reduction of water consumption

- reduction of energy consumption

- product quality control

- origin of raw materials

- restricted substances

- worker health and safety 

How to obtain certification

After joining the CSCB, each company undergoes a consulting and training phase in which they work on the 173 indicators. Consultants instruct and verify that indicators are met, registered, and maintained.  With this step completed, the tannery can request an audit by an INMETRO accredited body for certification. The seal has four levels:

- Bronze (for those who meet up to 50% of the applicable indicators of each of the four dimensions of certification)

- Silver (75%)

- Gold (90%)

- Diamond (100%)