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Brazil has the Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (CSCB), an initiative that includes 173 indicators in the environmental, social and economic dimensions and also in the sustainability management.

General Questions

How do I know what kind of leather each company produces?

At the Companies page, there's a list of companies associated with the Brazilian Leather project as well as the type of article produced by each company.

Tips about Leather

How should a leather product be stored?

Leather needs to breathe. Keep parts such as shoes and handbags in cool places. Skin is an organic matter. In the case of coats and jackets, store them on hangers to prevent wrinkles. For shoes, the ideal is to let them "rest" for about 12 hours until wearing them again.

Tips about Leather

How to identify a leather material?

Touch the surface, the leather stands out for its thickness, has a striking texture and a look without rigid patterns, with characteristically distributed pores. Test flexibility; Tighten and tighten the part. The leather has natural elasticity. Talk to the seller. Look for the label every time you purchase a product and check the composition of the item.

Leather Market

I want to buy leather. What do I do?

At the Companies page, you can see the contact information of each company so that you can get in touch and explain your leather demand.

General Questions

I would like to see Brazilian leather market analyses. What can I do?

CICB has an Industry Data area that produces a monthly data and market report. In the Industry Data page of this website, there's a compilation of this work.


Jobs and income

The Brazilian leather sector employs over 40,000 people directly and has a decisive impact on the country's economy. Since 2000, more than US$ 25 billion in leathers have been exported from Brazil, a significant contribution to the Brazilian trade balance.


New products

Tanneries reuses its resources and, what is not pertinent, is sent to other industries for the production of new goods - from this cycle, for example, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, soap, gelatine, fertilizers, among others are created for the daily use of our population.

Tips about Leather

The aroma of leather

Feel the aroma. Even after all the treatment and finishing, the vast majority of leather products retain a distinctive aroma. The scent of leather is capable of many things: from supporting to identifying the legitimacy of the skin to transporting us in time.

Tips about Leather

What to do with oil stains?

The removal of oil or fat stains on a piece of leather follows the same recipe as other materials: apply powder to the surface. In a few hours, the powder absorbs excess and can be removed with a dry cloth.